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Our Story

In the words of Harold and Tammy, the head guides of Team Raha:

"We are Team Raha, and our aim is to make sure that everybody enjoys it and feels happy to join us! We started in 1999, and now is the  time to share our experience with our team and our clients.

Our mantra is to be fair and transparent, from booking to the end of the tour with us. The packages we offer you will outline how the charges are split between all the parties involved: As usual, the Goverment will take its charges, such as park fees, taxes etc.  The reminder of the costs goes towards reservations, transfers, salaries of our crew, equipment write-offs and lastly a small profit for our company. However, we keep our profits low and pay our crew fair wages, while many other tour operators create big profits by exploiting their team members and crew. If we did a good job, we will be happy to get tips from you. Tips are voluntary and will be divided fairly and transparently between all team members. In fact we encourage you to ask your team on the tour if we are paying them fair wages, as recommended by the Porters and Guides Associations.

Our promise to you, our clients: We give you very fair prices & packages to climb Kilimanjaro and visit our National Parks, beaches, game reserves and cultural sites, and we lay out the pricing breakdown openly and transparently."

Meet The Team

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