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The Lemosho route competes with the Northern Circuit and the Machame as the most scenic of all the Kilimanjaro climbing routes. It offers panoramic vistas on most sides of Kilimanjaro and leads through an incredible variety of vegetation, from lush rainforest through heather and moorland and finally to the ice and snow of the summit zone. 
Lemosho is one of the longest routes that we offer (8 days) - and thus
gives you two more days to adjust to the high altitude, reducing the chance of getting altitude sickness . As a result, the Lemosho and the Northern route have the highest success rate to reach the Top of Africa!
The Lemosho Route starts in the west and crosses the Shira Plateau from Shira Ridge to Shira Camps 1 and 2. This is a very low traffic route until it joins the Machame route. From there on, Lemosho continues on the Southern Circuit, the same route as Machame, passing Lava Tower, Barranco and Barafu. We highly recommend Lemosho route!

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