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Image by Kristoffer Darj


Umbwe route is the steepest treck on Kilimanjaro, and altitude adaptations can be difficult. Most of the trail is long and steep, and Umbwe is possibly the hardest of all Kili routes. Minimum hike to the top for Umbwe route is 5 days but the possibilities are there to acclimatize, so 6 or 7 days are possible as well. Clients will have more than one night at other camps (Baranco Camp and Karanga Camp). Similar to the other routes on Kilimanjaro, Umbwe route has five zones (bush land, forest, heather and moorland, desert and summit zone). Visibility of big valleys is possible, especially on day two on the way to Baranco. This is the middle route so day two the route meets with All Western Routes (Machame, Lemosho, Londrosi) at Baranco Camp. Before hiking on this route, we’ll have to drive to Machame gate to pay the park fees, since there are no facilities for payment at the Umbwe gate. After that we’ll drive back to the junction to Umbwe village and then on to the gate - about a 2 hour drive from Machame gate.

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