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Image by Sergey Pesterev

Enjoy the journey to the top

The Northern Route is the longest route on Mount Kilimanjaro, and one of the newest ones. It starts at the Londorossi Gate and follows the same trail as the Lemosho Route for the first two days. It crosses the Shira Plateau, then the path heads north near Lava Tower, following the longer Northern Circuit instead of the more popular Southern Circuit via Barranco Valley. There are a few different route variations from this point; however, all approach the summit via Gilman’s Point and then either descend via the Mweka Route joining trekkers from the Machame, Umbwe, Lemosho and Shira routes, or via the Marangu Route. The Northern Circuit is probably the best route on Kilimanjaro: It offers nearly 360 degrees of stunning scenery, with the chance to see wild life; it follows the quiet, rarely visited northern slopes. And since it is the longest route on Kilimanjaro, the Northern Circuit also has the most acclimatization time and the highest summit success rate. Overall, the Northern Circuit route is highly recommended.

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