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Kilimanjaro is the highest volcano and free standing mountain in Africa. About 250 Millions years ago, it formed during the Ice age period. The name Kilimanjaro comes from the Chagga people who are living at the base of this mountain. The Chagga tribe had very little knowledge of volcanic activities and thought that God was on the Mountain when erruptions took place so "Kilima" means Mountain of God and "Njaro" is "to shine" in Swahili .
Three peaks formed during different times to shape Kilimanjaro: Shira, Mawenzi and Kibo.
Shira peak sank down during the formation of Kibo and remained as a plateau; the remaining part of it is called the Shira Cathedral and is a good acclimatization point for those who will decide to take one of the Shira Routes (Lemosho or Londorosi routes).
Mawenzi peak was the second highest peak; today it is too much eroded during the formation of Kibo so no one climbs to its top.
Kibo peak: The word Kibo comes from the language of the Chagga: "Kipoo". Nowadays Kibo is the one to carry the whole meaning of Kilimanjaro mountain because it is where all people travel to see and hike to the top of it.
Uhuru is Kibo's highest point: The Top of Africa.

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