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Cracked Glacier



Overall we had a fantastic time on our Machame 7 day trip. A very special thank you goes to our two guides, Harold and Tammy, and to our cook Robert, who's tasty cooking surpassed the dinners and breakfasts we had in 3 star Hotels in Arusha. The warm porridge in the morning was tastier than any porridge we had eaten during our safaris. The meals were not only prepared to perfection, they were  always very tasty and nicely presented. The fresh fruit platters were arranged with so much detail that I had to take pictures before we started eating. R. truly is a talented cook with a lot of passion for cooking.   Our guides were very caring and kind. From the very beginning, they both were aware of the different personalities within our group. They briefed us every evening in such a great way that we were all fully aware what it takes to successfully climb Uhuru. We felt really safe and confident with them. Both have very nice personalities and they had a wealth of knowledge about Kilimanjaro NP. We enjoyed the many  conversations we had with them. I don't think we could have had any better guides than Harold and Tammy and their Team Raha, they truly are exceptional.

Syuhei Tateishi Japan 

This is one of the big events in my life!! Climbing Mt.Kilimanjaro: Machame Route for 6days!! Before I left Japan, I was so worried and scared. But thanks to “Team Raha,” it disappeared as soon as I started climbing with the team. All the stuff were very professional and experienced so I didn’t need to be worried or scared. Rain forest area, moorland area, alpine dessert, and snow mountains… the scenery changed every day and I experienced Summer mountains, Fall mountains, and Winter mountains during the adventure, so there was no time for me to get bored. The alpine dessert area on Mt.Kilimanjaro can compete its vastness with Denali National Park in the states. The adventure made me realize again that the earth is so big. The members of “Team Raha” were amazing! The head guides, “Harold” and “Tammy,” were so kind and took care of me all the time to make sure that I was comfortable. The porters were also so kind and never stopped smiling and seemed enjoying themselves with me. On top of that, the head chef prepared amazing fresh fruits, snacks, and local African meal to keep me energized. Let me tell you!! There is no other team who can make you satisfied with Mt.Kilimanjaro adventure!! I’d like to try Mt.Kilimanjaro again taking another route with “Team Raha” next time. If any of you want to try conquering Mt.Kilimanjaro, I strongly recommend “Team Raha” for your adventure. Thank you!!

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